Jan van den Eijnden is a multidimensional musician, teacher, conductor, adjudicator and advisor. Originally trained as a school musician / teacher of music and French Horn performing artist at the Fontys Academy of Music & Performing Arts in Tilburg (The Netherlands) he developed an interesting and versatile career in which music, art and cultural education are key focus points.

As a teacher of brass instruments

Jan teaches music with passion, enthusiasm, knowledge and extensive experience and likes to work with pupils. He knows how to inspire in a friendly and enthusiastic manner, so pleasure in playing music is quickly achieved among students in all age categories.

Jan teaches brass instruments: mainly French Horn but also Trumpet, Flügelhorn, Cornet and Baritone / Euphonium. He fine-tunes the lessons to your level. He uses pieces of music in all styles that are fun, challenging to play and have educational value. He can play many piano accompaniments himself so preparations on a performance, exam or soloist competition wins musical quality. Modern digital technology is used in and around the lessons to inspire and help the educational process.

As a French horn player, he played as a free-lancer for years in many professional orchestras: important experiences that bring musical depth and richness to his lessons.


As a conductor of (youth)wind orchestras and ensembles

Jan is an experienced conductor of (youth)wind orchestras and ensembles. He currently conducts the ‘Sancta Maria Music Community Band’ and Ensemble ‘Koperslag’. With an excellent ear and eye for good ensemble playing and a friendly atmosphere, he leads the musicians of every ensemble and orchestra to the best of their musical ability. He co-organizes interesting musical projects in which innovation is also sought.


As advisor in arts and music education / as jury chairman

Jan is well in demand as an advisor in the domain of music/cultural education and development programs. Advice is based on his broad experience as a teacher, manager at music schools, teacher at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts /AMPA Academy of Music and Performing Arts - and as an education specialist at the LKCA - the Dutch national expertise institute for cultural education and amateur arts. In addition, he often acts as jury chairman at national and international music competitions such as the WMC (World Music Contest) Kerkrade, The Netherlands and ECWO (European Championship for Wind Orchestras). He also contributed to the realization of dozens of publications.

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