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Trial lesson

Jan offers trial lessons. Normally such a lesson takes 30 minutes. If you want to continue you can register for more lessons. The duration and frequency of the lessons can be agreed in mutual consultation.

Organisation of education

Every student has his own learning pace and development, so the structure of the lessons is personally tailored to everyone. Starting pupils learn to play the instrument step-by-step. Music from many different styles is used. This is fun and it stimulates musicality. More advanced students can work on expanding their repertoire and deepening technical skills and musicality.
Because horn (brass) players usually play together with others in orchestras or ensembles, there will also be a lot of attention for playing together. 


Presentations, exams (and/or contests)  (pupil tracking system)

Jan uses a pupil tracking system to monitor musical progression and skills. This is not meant to be a rigid system that every student has to meet. It is just a structured method to inform the pupils (parents) and students and to encourage progression. Upon desire a pupil can participate in presentations, exams and contests. 

The Netherlands instrumental music education is is usually designed in a four-phase structure (A, B, C, D). The A-phase usually takes 2.5 to 3 years, the other phases 2 years. All phases are (ideally) concluded with a diploma. To become an all-round musician pupils/students need a range of interlocking skills – in performance, technique, notation, and listening and musical perception – as well as knowledge, understanding and creativity. 

An exam consists of two parts. A music theory & aural test skills part and an assessment of performance skills (playing several pieces), technical skills and scales, sight-reading, playing-by-heart and some musical creativity (improvisation). Jan can inform you further.

Education year and holidays
The education year starts in september and contains an average of 36 lessons, including presentations, special projects and exams or contests. Starting in the middle of the year is possible.

The education year 2017-2018 contains the following national holidays and regular holidays:

Autumn Mo. 16-10-2017 up to and including Su. 22-10-2017
Christmas Mo. 25-12-2017 up to and including Su. 07-01-2018
Spring Mo. 12-02-2018 up to and including Su. 18-03-2018
Easter Fri. 30-03-2018 up to and including Mo. 03-04-2018
May Mo. 23-04-2018 up to and including Su. 06-05-2018
Ascension Day Thu. 10-05-2018 t/m Su. 13-05-2018
Whit Monday Mo. 21-05-2018
Summer Holidays Mo. 09-07-2018 t/m Su. 26-08-2018


Tilburg Fontys Conservatorium Bisschop Zwijsenplein 1, Tilburg
Hilvarenbeek Cultureel Centrum Elckerlyc Achter 't Raadhuis 2, Hilvarenbeek
Reusel/De Mierden 'De Schakel' De Stad 5, Hooge Mierde
Loon op Zand 'De Wetering' Weteringplein 1, 5175 BG Loon op Zand
Cromvoirt Cromvoirtse Fanfare Sint Lambertusstraat 60-A, Cromvoirt